Recently established, the Comparative Politics Research Group at the University of Innsbruck (CPRG Innsbruck) brings together faculty and students who are passionate about conducting comparative research on contemporary political events, analyzing in-country political phenomena, and looking for answers to important political science questions about the formation and development of democratic (and non-democratic) regimes. As part of the research center Governance and Civil Society, we study questions as: Do institutions matter and how? Why some countries’ party systems are more stable than others? What is political leadership and why are some leaders more effective than others? Does the new age of media change democratic politics and leadership? How do we explain gender inequality? Empirically, we focus on Europe, North and South America. ┬áDespite its small size, the Comparative Politics program offers classes and research expertise on topics like:

  • Comparative political institutions
  • Political leadership
  • Political parties and party system development
  • Gender politics
  • European, German, UK, and Southeast-European politics
  • Party regulation
  • Democratic governance

We strive to prepare our students for careers in various fields (including careers in international institutions or the public sector), but most of all we seek to inspire bright minds who wish to pursue a further career in research, be it applying to graduate school, or getting a job at a think-tank or an NGO.